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   Mr Arno Klare (Member of German Parliament)

The honorable member of German Parliament, Mr Arno Klare has the patronage of Eyum Anneh & Co.. As to the question if migration enriches German politics; the honorable says "migration hasn´t only enriched German politics but Germany as a whole". The SPD strong man is of the Mülheim - Essen I SPD constituency.

Find below an excerpt of his speech during the last "The Cultural Fiesta": an annual event of Eyum Anneh & Co.

"I have taken over the patronage of THE CULTURAL FIESTA  - and I have accepted this responsibility very gladly.

"Integration and communal development"- This is the motto, of the event this year, thus promoting the multicultural exchange and international understanding in our city. As a Mülheim SPD member of the Parliament, i think and live internationally. But each of us can play its part to a more tolerant society THE CULTURAL FIESTA  connects people, regardless of color or nationality, across all borders. THE CULTURAL FIESTA  offers you and everyone the opportunity to get to know the migrants, Cameroon and its people and to a an experience.

In Mülheim one encounters the African and cameroon culture frequently in many locations. There are many clubs, shops and business places. To the organizer,  Eyum Anneh & Co.  and its managing director Mathias Tambe and all volunteers i say thank you for the initiative and organizational efforts. This colorful event fits our equally colorful and diverse city - Mülheim an der Ruhr."