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Eyum Anneh & Co.




Sparkasse & other NGO´s

The Municipality of Muelheim an der Ruhr is the  utmost partner to Eyum Anneh & Co. A combination of programs and activities are done through the integration board of the city.

Muelheim an der Ruhr as the host city has been very instrumental in motivating the organisation, in progressive integrative activities.



With RWW, Eyum Anneh & Co. has been able to ride on the Integrative German Langauge Course (IGLC) successfully.

This decision to support the projects of Eyum Anneh & Co. has gone a long way in adding to human capacity building of the migrant community, benefiting from this language course. German language skills have therefore improved tremendousely.

The Sparkasse Mülheim an der Ruhr has been a continuous sponsor of our activities in the last five years. We are indeed grateful to the management of Sparkasse, for making us a trusthworthy partner. 

Eyum Anneh & Co. has been able succesfully to partner with othe corporations, businesses and NGO´s both at national and international niveau.

We duly appreciate the support and cooperation of ETAYA, Faust Moebel, Thimm Elektrotechnik, Sparkasse, Krombacher, etc.

Caritas  Mülheim a.d.Ruhr

Caritas Mülheim has indeed the partner, especially in the the area of Integrative German Language Course. An idea supported and co-sponsored by Caritas in its early stage. The space used for the german language classes was provided by Caritas.


AWO Mülheim a.d.Ruhr


AWO has been a core partner and has been jointly instrumental in organising seminars and panel discussion, with Eyum Anneh & Co.

Landesregierung Arnsberg

The creation and bringing to life of the intercultural Center - Eyum Anneh & Co. , is the handy cooperation of the "Landesregierung" and Eyum Anneh & Co. The intercultural has been able able to withstand toughtimes, thanks to the financial support of the Landesregierung.