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Eyum Anneh & Co.


Gender equality  exhibited on the agenda of Eyum Anneh & Co. We strive to promote gender equality, byfostering female competitiveness in the world of football. The reason why in every year´s summer event, there is a special football match for the ladies. The female football team has also been provided the opportunity for contnuous training, even during the winter period, where a hall is made available for such a purpose.

The game of football is in the fabrics of modern day society, in that it plays a very important role in the socio-cultural dimension of communities. Our organisation explores this very important aspect in advancing intercommunal relationships. Football  brings an immeasurable social binding amongst communities. Eyum Anneh & Co.´s Integration cup helps in promoting integration through the game of football. An exercise well supported by the integration council of Mülheim Ruhr.