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Eyum Anneh & Co.


Children are the future and therefore in our projects and activities platform, special considerations have been and tailored for the future of the community.There is obvious need, not only to close the generation gap but as well  to channel to  the next generation our rich culture, ethics and  intercultural competences.The generation gap is not only an issue of the true age difference between parents and children but much more related to the way parents and children relate, in the respective aspects that embody communal life.

Consequently we organise special programs, designed to serve the interest of parent-child-relationship, encourage the integration of migrant children in the community and child basic education. 

These educative and social programs do not only aim to foster competitiveness between migrants and children of the host community,also, parents have the chance to observe their children interact with others in an environment different from home of origin. 

Thus, these improve their social and interactive capabilities. Children acquire new potentials as a result through partake in games and theater on stage and other crime evasive endeavours; a guided success in every area of engagement.