....committed to community!

Eyum Anneh & Co.


Because Eyum Anneh & Co. cuts across cultural boundaries, membership is open to everyone who loves the promotion of Arts, Culture & Integration. Members admire and support the philosophy of the organisation. 

The activities and events of this organisation are financed through eventual members contributions. There are   annual dues associated with membership. Unlike other migrant organisations, there are no monthly meetings. Eyum Anneh & Co. meets twice a year. Ad hoc sittings are called up to prepare and manage specific events. Consequently, the event-budget is determined in such a sitting, and the financial burden shared amongst members accordingly, where sponsorship is unavailable.

There are no membership rewards or financial benefits associated with, by becoming a member of our organisation. Contrarily the activities and projects of the organisation are realised through membership dues and donations. There is pleasure, fun and satisfaction gained in rendering assistance to humanity. The  migrant community directly benefits from your participation and contribution. 

Now,membership is acquired through application. Members are expected to be disciplined, upright and of good character. The organization relieves individuals of their membership if they are found not to be of good standing.