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Eyum Anneh & Co.


Meet the experts who can listen, understand and provide professional support to your need. Counselling is one amongst the numerous activities offered during the office hours at the Intercultural - Eyum Anneh & Co. In a avariety of disciplines, ranging from social issues, academics and education as well in areas of immigration, German language classes and integration.

On other occassions, where our management cannot provide instatnt solutions, visitors are redirected to appropriate quotas or cooperation partners, where they can obtain rapid assistance to their problems.

We advise special appointments on counselling issues that require intensive attention. Our long standing relationships and cooperation is worth exploring in providing solutions to issues.

Individuals as well as organisations have been making use of this immense potential at the Intercultural. As a consequence of shortage of staff for office hours, we reiterate you call or sent us an email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) prior to visiting the intercultural - Eyum Anneh & Co..