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Eyum Anneh & Co.


Eyum Anneh & Co. believes that education is attainable for all, regardless of income or background, and that personal engagement is crucial to educational achievement. Working with community partner organizations/institutions, Eyum Anneh & Co. provides knowledge, resources, connections and leads that empower parents to propel their children into higher education.

Our goal to ignite natural curiosity and enthusiasm for continuous education irrespective of age, background or political/religious orientation, while inspiring and implementing innovative applications is rewarding. Information is key and power it is said.

We do organize challenging educative programs and activities, through which constituent communities engaged themselves for personal/community development. These programs include German language classes, extra classes for pupils and students, seminars and conferences. The target group for such programs include pupils, students and immigrant adults with certificates and diplomas yet to be recognized in Germany.

Participants get authentic firsthand information to their specific future professional needs. In collaboration with the states ministry of education,we are engaged in guiding participants towards the recognition of foreign certificates and diplomas.

The proficiency in Mathematics and German language is key to excellent success in the German academic milieu. We therefore join Parents to give a strong orientation to pupils and students.