....committed to community!

Eyum Anneh & Co.


Philosophy: We strive on the philosophy of "from the community, back to the community".That the resources we acquire for the activities / Projects of the organization are from the community and the community benefits from the output.

Our organisation and activities could be summerised in three key  words; Arts, Culture and Integration! Thus everything we do could be directly or indirectly related with the afore mentioned terms. 

In modern day human activities could be defined within the limits of Arts, Culture and how they interrelate with one another. We get to realise our goals through seminars, panel discussions,, education, counselling organisation of cultural and sporting activities.

The organisation and implementation of our activities and projects takes place at the Intercultural center - Eyum Anneh & Co. Since its inception,the Intercultural center has been  christened - Intercultural - and remains the first contact point for migrants within and without Mülheim a.d.Ruhr

Eyum Anneh & Co.  reaches out to different groups and organisation in order to accelerate and add value to the productivity of activities at the Intercultural.

          The Executive Head of Eyum Anneh & Co. and a delegate of CIM (right to left)


The handy work of Arts needs to be preserved and promoted. The fostering of Arts is at the forefront of our NGO. Through participation in and support of artistic activities, the fine work of arts attains a new high.


Culture is our name. Different people, different cultures, diffenrent faces, yet one goal; fostering arts, culture and integration. Through frequent cultural activities, the offsprings can indentify their roots. Parents and adults recall their roots and live true live of their origin.



In a community constituted of persons with different cultural backgrounds, the process of integration plays a significant role, in binding the constituent communities together to a peaceful co-existence. Activities like this are the motivators.